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My Three R's

Rejoicing, Rested and Re-energized

Thanks be to God for all our safe travels!! I rejoice with a heart of thanks for: challanging moments-travel was not so easy for but I will do more; hillarious moments- sitting in front seat for our first taxi ride(wrong side of everything) and learning lines on the road are only guidelines-then could not open the door to get out when ride was done-hillarious!;trust- all alone at congress(family sightseeing- yeah!!)- realizing I do not know anybody-I am in another country and God answering my prayers with new friends-I was never really alone; I will rejoice for what I can still do not what I no longer can! as I am typing with just one hand- due to Dystonia which has decided to progress, I am thankfull for this moment.
I finally feal rested and am re-energized to keep sharing about the quilt project to raise awareness and do what I can to make a difference.
I keep seeing commercials for support a cure for..... how amazing will that be to see on TV-Support for a cure for Parkinson's!!! The Congress started a momentum to bring the world together- be a united voice to find a cure, we can do this !!! I am just me -from Marysvuille and I was blessed to be a part of a world project, imagine if we all unite- how small this world would be.

Each day I am living I will do my best, to be a blessing unto others until I am called home to rest!

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Home in Marysville

Thank you

I am so thankful to all of you that joined me on ths journey, it is one I shall never forget and I am so blessed to have gone on. I have pictures that I will keep adding. My camera decided not to work on the trip but Mom and Kates did- I will download the pictures from them soon.
Thank you so very much for your prayers and support, it made a difference for me everyday. To go to Scotland- share my faith, my story and of course Ganly's story is so amazing!! There is that word again and is truly becoming one of my favorites to express my overwhelming feeling of God's gift of blessings, love and mercy, I am so glad to be home!!
Will share more travel stories soon,
Much Love,

  • *one more thing- they had a Wii fit game zone so you could try and play the game-oh yeah-I rocked!! I got the high score on most all of the games- and then I had to conefess I got one for Christmas last year- have had a little practice and I love my Wii fit!! they said that is great !! then I had to give someone else a turn.

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parkinson's progress, new options always Hope

Sahring my story at"'meet theuilter"

Wow!! I was blessed to hear Mr.Isaac *speak this morning- a fellow traveler on the road with parkinson's-his presentaion was inspiring and just awesome!! he shared his list of 25 points/ways living with parkinsons but they are really good for anyone who needs to remember to face each day positively, no matterhow you feel in the morning. I will keep it handy.
I attended a speech nad swallowing seminar since I have had some issues with this and learned some greta ideas to take back to my DR.
Amazing!! I know I have used that word often lately, I am just so humbly thankful for all these blessings I recieve each day, it is just amazing I am blessed to recieve them.
I had the honor os sharing my story, my creativity since I was diagnosed and my quilt panels. I got kind of nervous half way through but then felt I was not alone and was able to share of God's mercy- we never walk alone, I know hwne I was diagnosed it was not a punishment, so i decided to try and make a difference and remember each day I am living I will do my best to be a blessing unthto others until I am called home to rest.
It ia amazing!! I met Matthew - it was his idea to make the quilt project- such an honor to meet him and shake his hand, ok you know me-gave him a hug:) Melissa -such a sweet lady- wonderful to meet her in person (she got a hug too) these 2 people have touched my life and hundreds of others,their work is making a difference in raising awarness to one day find a cure. I admire them and am very thankful for all they do. Mr. robin elliott the director of the Parkinson's foundation, I was very humbled by his thoughtful note I recieved in the mail before the confrence, meeting him in person was an honor. He co created this Congress and to meet him and thank him for his knid wotrds and the wortk he does was a memorable moment, for him to say I was important and my work -my story was important was a moment, I shall never forget. These three people are true heroes, working to make make a difference, offering Hope and woeking towards one day having a cure.
That, me from Marysville WA, a wife, a Mom, a preschool teacher could sew a couple stories, make quilt panels and go to Scotland imagine what could be done if we all got together in our coner of the world each day what a difference we could make.
Praise be to God for my dear family and loved ones, this trip and a safe trip home. see you soon Marysville!!
much love,

  • *thankyou for your patience with my spelling- fingers on the ;left hand not always cooperative****more pictures soon-promise***

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The Difference

realizations of change

The Difference

I have Parkinson's, and have been living with it for over 3 years. At home I realize I have made accomodations: how I take care of my home, do my job, take care of my family. I really do know that my quality of life has changed but you get used to it your everyyday routine, staying in your comfort zone.
This is the first big trip I have taken since being diagnosed and am way out of my comfort zone and this is where I noticed the difference. When sightseeing I was always six steps behind, when paying for a purchase it took longer for me to accomplish the task; when gathering my things I always slowed someone up, I really did not notice all these changes when at home because I had accomodate for them so much.
I ocme to the confrence and meet so many wonderful people who are journeying with Parkinson's and I am not alone. We do our best, we cope, we adjust, we accomodate to have the best quality of life possible- that is what it is really all about. It has been such an overwhelming honor to meet and step along with them and our travelling partner Parkinson's.

may all our days be blessed with a bountiful of Blessings.
Sharon L. standish

  • I am going to challange myself to step out of my comfort zone more often.

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second day of the congress

new friends, latest news, inspiring words


It was a great day at the confrence! The Scotland Confrence Center is an amazing large building and part of it is called the armadillo(looks like one). There is a good bit of walking in between sessions but there is aways a spot to rest. I was walking from one area to the next when Dystonia hit- my whole left side luckily there was a great pillar to lean against until it passed(did not want to walk backwards in front of everybody) I had benadryl but apparently i went pale so 2 very sweet ladies came up to me right away to check on my and stayed with me until I could walk again and yes they were from Scotland. i missed the breaking news announcment but was told it was about stem cells- a set back in resaerch apparently they develop into a gene like a Parkinson gene, definetly a step backwards. There is always hope and with the brillant Dr.s I have learned about and have had the priveledge of meeting will find cure, no doubt, any chance I get I thank them for working so hard.
I had the priviledge of attending a session about bringing the global community together to raise awareness and research for a cure. Parkinsons should be as well known as Aids and such be known about not something you learn about after you or somone you love gets Parkinsons. I agree, stores have pay a dollar to cure___ why not parkinsons?
I very much look forward to tomorrows sessions and being blessed with the opportunity to share about my quilt panels.
Sorry about pictures not being uploaded today-my camers has not been cooperative so gammi has been taking the pictures and we will upload her pictures tomorrow. It is now 9:40pm I should get some rest :) my cold has not gone away but better.
gammi and Katelyn have kept up on the sightseeing- they have seen thw William Wallace memorial, Dunne Castle lunch at the Willow tea room and a few other places I believe. Their day at the confrence with me is tomorrowm it will be fun. Friday we get the private tour of our clan-MacNaughton family castle then we are home :) yeah!!

I thank you for your following this journal on our trip and for your patience as I did not keep it up as well as I hoped. Much Love,

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