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parkinson's progress, new options always Hope

Sahring my story at"'meet theuilter"

Wow!! I was blessed to hear Mr.Isaac *speak this morning- a fellow traveler on the road with parkinson's-his presentaion was inspiring and just awesome!! he shared his list of 25 points/ways living with parkinsons but they are really good for anyone who needs to remember to face each day positively, no matterhow you feel in the morning. I will keep it handy.
I attended a speech nad swallowing seminar since I have had some issues with this and learned some greta ideas to take back to my DR.
Amazing!! I know I have used that word often lately, I am just so humbly thankful for all these blessings I recieve each day, it is just amazing I am blessed to recieve them.
I had the honor os sharing my story, my creativity since I was diagnosed and my quilt panels. I got kind of nervous half way through but then felt I was not alone and was able to share of God's mercy- we never walk alone, I know hwne I was diagnosed it was not a punishment, so i decided to try and make a difference and remember each day I am living I will do my best to be a blessing unthto others until I am called home to rest.
It ia amazing!! I met Matthew - it was his idea to make the quilt project- such an honor to meet him and shake his hand, ok you know me-gave him a hug:) Melissa -such a sweet lady- wonderful to meet her in person (she got a hug too) these 2 people have touched my life and hundreds of others,their work is making a difference in raising awarness to one day find a cure. I admire them and am very thankful for all they do. Mr. robin elliott the director of the Parkinson's foundation, I was very humbled by his thoughtful note I recieved in the mail before the confrence, meeting him in person was an honor. He co created this Congress and to meet him and thank him for his knid wotrds and the wortk he does was a memorable moment, for him to say I was important and my work -my story was important was a moment, I shall never forget. These three people are true heroes, working to make make a difference, offering Hope and woeking towards one day having a cure.
That, me from Marysville WA, a wife, a Mom, a preschool teacher could sew a couple stories, make quilt panels and go to Scotland imagine what could be done if we all got together in our coner of the world each day what a difference we could make.
Praise be to God for my dear family and loved ones, this trip and a safe trip home. see you soon Marysville!!
much love,

  • *thankyou for your patience with my spelling- fingers on the ;left hand not always cooperative****more pictures soon-promise***

Posted by BBTownship 13:14

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Hi Sharon,

We have been so excited for you and your loved ones to share this opportunity with one another and are grateful that you have included all of your friends as well. You are an amazing, yet humble spirit and a remarkable servant of God. Let your example of ever-growing strength be an encouragement to anyone who has ever doubted. Blessed we know you feel, but the people whose hearts you have touched along the way feel the same about you. We couldn’t think of anyone who deserved this trip more than you and know that Glasgow was honored to have you. You are truly an inspiration to us all… Thank you for your courage to share your story and step out of that “comfort zone” and thank you for being a part of our lives.

You and your family have a safe trip home and we’ll see you soon! Take care and God bless.

The Boskets

by Boskets

thank you so much, you are so kind,I am veru thankful for your friendship. I am home and catching up on sleep. Look forward to seeing you all this week.
Much Love, Sharon

by BBTownship

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