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first day of congress


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Sorry, I got a little behind on the blog-I was overtired and under the weather-after Edinbergh so tired all I couild d0 was cry and then not feel good- no excuse I am doing better, so here are some pictures. Today the conference started and it was overwhelming, to meet so many people coming together with Pd was a bit overwhelming(seem to be doing that lately)
I met some very nice people at the confrence. I talked with a Dr. who is leading research for a cure but not had the opportunity to speak with a person that has PD. I told him thank you for your work and he appreciated meeting someone he is trying to find a cure for. I had lunch iwth a new friend from Scotland and we are sisters in Christ and good attitude- she was answered prayer(iprayed to meet a new friend) she is from Scotland, we can e-mail.
The opening ceremonie spaekers were outstanding with words of wisdom and hope and the cermonies ended with a Scottish bag pipe band- they were awesome!! they led the way to a reception being held in the exhibition area. Then there was the quilts I was humbled to a part of such a wonderful project- there were my 2 quilt panels. God is amazing I was inspired to be apart of this project and to be here to see it all come together, amazing. I was blessed to meet Matthew and Melissa whom I have been blessed to know from the Parkinson's Foundation, it was so wonderful to meet them. Well it is 11;10 pm here, so I better post some over due pictures.
All my dear family, friends and children at school, I very much appreciate you support and very much look forward to seeing you on Monday.
God Bless,Much Love and prayers,

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Castles and Cathederals and new friends

Our day started with breakfast and the very nice waiter/bearer of helpful informstion and such of Scotland. We ahve been taking a taxi ride to glascow each day(cheaper than the bus). Our day started at Queen street station to ride a train to Edinburgh. it was a beautiful train ride!! rolling hills, sheep, even evergreen trees could be seen. The castle is amazing!! It was such an overwhelming feeling to be in a castle from the 1300's. St. Giles cathederal, all I coulddowas cry once inside I was overwhelmed. To be in a space where centuries of people have raised a prayer, a song to God as a sign in the wall said -To bring Him glory-I strive to do everyday- as I said I was very overwhelmed. We walking the royal Mile(not all of it) boy I forgot I could even walk that far-it ws ok though because we did do some shopping:) OK have fun seeing the pictures. I very much look forward to starting the confrence tomorrow

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ready to get so sleep for tomorrows travel


We look forward to seeing the castle tomorrow and walking the mile that ends at one of the Queen's palaces. We are so thankful for this trip and are making some wonderful memories, One of my favorites so far: when we made it to our hotel, we were so tiredand we had to wait about 1 1/2hours til our room was ready so went to breakfast and then took comfortable seats in the front lobel-so warm and friendly. Half way into our wait this very loud alarm goes off-like a fire alarm and we just sit there not phased- Mom and I look at each other and then Katelyn says"shouldn't we be concerned,honestly never occured to us then we had agood laugh-there was no fire if yu steam up the shower in your room the alarm goes off, such quaint hotel :)
God Bless

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We have arrived in Scotland!!

Ganly made friends

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We just had our first Scottish breakfast at our hotel and waiting to get into our room. The time zone difference is hard to get us too but we are doing well, I have lost count how many hours we have been up. Ganly met some new friends on our plane to Glasgow. The 2 gentlemen behind us ver so very kind talking to us and sharing woith us about their homeland scotland and the very nice lady siting next to us, thought Ganly was so cute she had her picture taken as well as a couple of the planes crew. Our hotel is in Rutherglen- a bit out of Glasgow but hey we are in Scotland!! the Lord has blessed us with great weather!! enjoy the pictures, write again soon

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2 days until Scotland

Gammi has arrived!


We are so excited!! The first part of our journey, was Gammi arriving, yeah!! (picture KDSC02093.jpgDSC02095.jpgatelyn and Gammi)We are watching the special features of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, gettiong ready for tour the castle where the movie was made. We are actully have a few castles on the itenerary including the family-McNaughton clan castle. With thanks to Mr. Peter McNaughton we are blessed to have a private tour, amazing!!
Ganly is ready to go, pracically in the suitcase! It will be fun having his picture taken in unique places and thanks to my son Doug, he will help manage the blog and add fun facts of our journey.

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